Best Spin Bikes Under $500 – Burn Calories, Strengthen Muscles


Best spin bikes under $500

There’s a reason that spinning is one of the most popular health and fitnessindoor exercise programs today. 

Spinning is the best way to get in a good workout without putting excessive pressure on your joints.

Many fitness fanatics invest thousands of dollars annually in gym memberships just to use the spinning bikes provided by the club.

You, however, don’t have to spend so much money or leave the house to get in a decent spin workout session. 

There is a way to get in shape on a budget and find the best spin bikes under $500.

This guide will help you find the indoor cycling machine that's right for you.

Trust us, there’s an upright bikeon the market that will work comfortably with your budget and your life fitnessprogram.

What are indoor cycling bikes? 

Indoor cycling bikes are stationary machines that mimic traditional two-wheelers. The indoor recumbent has a saddle, adjustable seat and handlebars, and pedals just like a standard outdoor road bike.

Indoor spinning bikes vs. traditional exercise cyclers

Spinning bikes appear similar to regular stationary upright bikes but have the distinct difference of a heavy-duty weighted flywheel that connects to the pedals through a transmission system.

The heavy flywheel creates resistance that provides an intense workout and more closely resembles the feel of a real bicycle.

Adjusting the resistance on a spinning bike is similar to changing gears on an outdoor recumbent. You can change the level of resistance depending on how difficult you want the workout to be.

You can also stand up and pedal on a spin bike, which creates more tension for a productive workout. You typically can’t stand up when riding a traditional upright exercise bike.

What’s more, you can count on spin bikes to have straps or cages for your feet for extra protection and stability.

You can also stand up and pedal on a spin bike, which creates more tension for a productive workout.

You typically can’t stand up when riding a traditional upright exercise bike.

What’s more, you can count on spin bikes to have straps or cages for your feet for extra protection and stability.

Why is spinning good for you?

Spinning lets you burn calories while strengthening your heart muscle. 

It’s a sure-fire way to burn calories and build stamina while getting a total body workout.

You can also create your level of intensity while riding the bike and get a good workout in without putting too much stress on your knees and feet.

This is especially good new for folks who have a history of sore muscles or joint pain.

Spinning also comes with the benefit of you utilizing your body’s large muscles, which ultimately leads to lean and defined legs.

Having a spin bike at home: pros and cons

There are many benefits associated with having one of the best spin bikes under $500 in your home.

Privacy is probably the greatest perk of a home gym since you won’t have to worry about a complete stranger looking in on your progress while you’re exercising.

The convenience of going into the next room to workout instead of having to drive to the gym is also an advantage that shaves at least 15 minutes of preparation off your routine.

Taking in exercise bike reviews and finding an affordable bike that is also efficient proves profitable in the long run.

You can save hundreds annually by investing $500 in a spinning bike instead of paying $50 per month in gym membership, notwithstanding the club’s yearly fee.

On the other hand, a complete home gym may come with the disadvantage of expense (though you can absolutely create one on a budget).

The cost of a workout zone in your house can rise by leaps and bounds if you are planning to add a treadmill, dumbbells, and other essentials to your spinning bike room.

Safety is also an issue when you have a home gym since you may be more prone to push your body beyond its limits and suffer injury when exercising in private.

Motivation is a key factor in exercising that some may wrestle with when working out at home. You have to flex your self-determination muscle when the inspiration to get fit is not there.​

What to look for when buying a spin bike

You should consider the following questions when sifting through the best spin bikes under $500 in-store or online:

  • How much space do you have? You may be able to think big if you have a room designated for your workout routines. Compactness may be your best friend if your designated spot for the spinning bike is in the corner of your living room.
  • How much do you want to spend? If you have an abundant budget for this new venture then, by all means, get a bike with bells and whistles. You may want to consider searching for an indoor bicycle that has the bare necessities, i.e. a good flywheel coupled with pedals and adjustable handlebars, if your finances are limited.
  • Should you consider purchasing a used spinning bike? Some consumers have benefited from buying used spin bikes from their local gyms. Clubs upgrade their equipment often to keep up with the latest trends in the exercising arena. You may be able to get a spin bike valued at thousands for $500 or less by inquiring with your local gym.

Before we reveal the best models on the market, check out the table below for a quick look at our top picks.

Quick comparison: Best spin bikes under $500​

Spin bike

Features we love


Buy it now

Spinning Spinner S1 Indoor Bike

Best spin bikes under $500

- No-slip design
- Wide saddle is padded for
more comfort and balance
- Fender protects parts
of the bike from moisture
- Fluid pedal-stroke, thanks to
weighted flywheel
- Accommodates riders of
all sizes and abilities

Spinner S3 Indoor
Cycling Bike

Best spin bikes under $500

- Great bang for your buck
- Sturdy construction,
easy to assemble
- Comes with dads
- Compact

Sunny Health & Fitness
Indoor Cycling Bike

Best spin bikes under $500

- Handlebars are heigh adjustable
- Machine is heavy duty
and very quiet
- Tension knob is easy to use
- Wheels in the back make it easy to move around the house

Ancheer Spin Bike

Best spin bikes under $500

- Thick frame and good stability
- LED monitor offers all the stats
- 2-year quality warranty
- Comes with SPD pedals

Xspec Pro Stationary Indoor Cycling Bicycle

Best spin bikes under $500

- Saddle is ergonomic,
seat base is adjustable
- Heavy-duty design, but can be
moved easily around the house
- Track calories, distance,
speed and time
- Assembly is easy

Keep reading for all the nitty gritty details.

Spinning Spinner S1 Indoor Cycling Bike

Riding this cycle renders balance beyond measure with a saddle seat that is vertically and horizontally adjustable.

A two-piece fender protects the brake and flywheel of this exercise bike, and the non-slip design keeps you safe while riding.

One of the best things about this spinning bike is the weighted flywheel that creates momentum during your workout. The force from the wheel keeps the pedals moving, which encourages you to persevere and finish your routine.

A flywheel that creates lots of momentum on its own keeps you from working so hard during your routine. Such ease gives you a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints yet hard on the muscles.​

Best spin bikes under $500


  • Easy assembly​
  • Ideal choice for beginners
  • Momentum via the flywheel


  • Not the ideal choice for short users​
  • Handlebars are too low
  • Gears grind while standing

Our favorite feature

A flywheel that creates enough momentum is the ideal choice when you want a workout routine that will be gentle on your joints. Such is the reason why we love this indoor bike.​

Spinner S3 Indoor Cycling Bike

Riders of all shapes and sizes will fit perfectly on this bike as the saddle has multiple adjustment options.

The wideness of the seat is also a perk as it presents comfort and balance all at once.

Commercial handlebars let you focus on the workout ahead instead of holding on for dear life.

Your feet also get a break with the Stabilizer Feet feature that allows for safer riding at home.

This bike can accommodate riders as short at 4’ 10” and as tall as 6’ 7”. The maximum recommended weight for this machine is 250 lbs.​

Best spin bikes under $500


  • Easy setup​
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Excellent construction
  • Compact in size


  • Not ideal for tall people​
  • No SPD pedals
  • Rusts rather quickly

Our favorite feature

We love the durability of it all, which is why the commercial handlebars are among our favorite features of this bike. It’s a good feeling to know that daily use will not wear your handlebars down.​

Sunny Health and Fitness Belt Drive Premium Indoor Cycling Bike

Stop changing the way that you exercise to accommodate the limited flexibility of your bike’s handlebars. This spinner lets you adjust the handlebars and seat. You can move the saddle up or down while taking advantage of other features.

In particular, the dual action pedals with the click and caged combination provide reliability. The 40-pound flywheel is also pretty solid as is the micro adjustable resistance that lets you press down to hit the brakes. It’s just like riding a real bike with this spinning machine!​

Best spin bikes under $500


  • Sturdy​
  • Quality at a good price
  • iPad and cell phone mounts may be attached
  • Good home alternative to professional spin classes at the gym


  • A weird smell exudes from the machine when you increase resistance

Our favorite feature

Flexibility is at the top of our list when it comes to working out. Such is the reason why we love the adjustable seat and handlebars on this machine.​

Ancheer Spin Bike

Heavy steel gives this bike staying power. The frame's thickness lets individuals weighing upwards of 200 pounds spin with ease.

There are no extra noises with this machine, as the smooth chain drive design makes for easy riding. You can have a workout segment in the morning before getting breakfast ready for the family without having to worry about waking the kids.

The seat and handlebars adjust so that most riders can comfortably exercise.

One benefit that comes with a steel flywheel is the resistance that the mechanism offers. You can get the ultimate workout by simply pedaling with all of your might.

This bike comes with transportation wheels that make moving it from one room to the next a breeze.

There is also an LED monitor that displays your speed, distance, heart rate, time, and calorie count.​

Best spin bikes under $500


  • Quiet​
  • Comes with stretch bands that add resistance
  • Solid construction
  • Flywheel is thick and sturdy


  • Leg adjuster is made of plastic​
  • Flimsy handlebars
  • Pedals do not have SD clips
  • Seat-to-handlebar distance is not ideal for shorter individuals

Our favorite feature

The flywheel on this bike is so heavy that it creates resistance that contributes to your workout. Tension is ideal when you want to tone muscles.

Xspec Pro Stationary Indoor Cycling Bicycle

Track your speed, time, and calories burned with this stationary bike.

The ergonomic saddle and adjustable base make for a more comfortable and productive exercise routine.

One of the best attributes associated with this spinning bike is its portability. The aluminum frame is built to last yet light enough to be moved from one room to the next. The wheels attached to the bottom of the machine provide even more assistance when you are hosting a party in your home and need to move your workout equipment into the closet.

Best spin bikes under $500


  • Excellent price
  • Safe for adults and kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy frame
  • Calorie-counting device attached


  • Handlebars not sturdy enough
  • Not ideal for individuals with chronic back and hip pain

Our favorite feature

The wheels on the bottom of the machine have us sold. It's great to get in a good workout but even better to easily move your equipment around the house.

Spinning is one of the best ways to get a total body workout.

You can save big by finding an indoor bike under $500 and exercising at home.